CCMI works with our partners in dynamic opportunities made possible by the development of Communities of Practice which encourage learning and continued  growth to thrive beyond traditional learning environments.  A Community of Practice is a group of individuals, organizations, and CCMI staff who have shared skill sets and remain in regular contact to support each other’s learning and growth.  CCMI provides newsletters, webinars, practice calls, updates and additional materials on an ongoing basis to support the continuing growth and interaction of our Communities of Practice.

Membership in a community of practice is one of the benefits that CCMI certification bestows upon individual or organizations that are CCMI certified or have an organizational agreement.

To learn more about our Communities of Practice please email:

If you are a member of the BAP Community of Practice, a BAP coder or if you are a BAP trainer looking for trainer materials please log in on the right.  Your email is your username.  Once you sign in you should see a list of all of the groups that you are a part of.




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