Shared Decision Making

Partners in Choice

One definition of Shared Discussion Making  is provided by Dr. Vic Montori of the Mayo clinic’s Knowledge Evaluation Research Unit.  He calls Shared Decision Making  the process by which a patient and clinician work together to identify the best course of action at this particular point in time.

As this area of practice develops, our interest is in providing practical approaches that can be sustained in practice settings.

One of the practical tools that we have developed is the BRAIN Decision Making Worksheet, adapted with permission from the International Childbirth Association.

Download the Brain Decision Making Worksheet here:



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Shared decision making tools:

Informed Decision Making Tool: BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Next Steps)

As a patient or family member, it’s important to participate in health care decisions to the degree that you wish. One way to participate in decisions about your care is to use your BRAIN. This simple tool will help you guide a conversation with a health care team member so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.  CCMI is grateful to the patient partners who collaborated in developing this tool.



Other tools:

Shared Decision Making Flow Chart

Shared Decision Making Guide

Poster Illustrating Informed Decision Making

BRAIN Print Proofs – Print your own Tri-fold Tools

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