BAP Certification Schedule

Here you will find all the information you need to schedule your certification attempt.  Please ensure you read all the directions carefully.


  1. PLEASE ADJUST TIME ZONE as needed. (This is an option when you see the calendar.)
  2. This is not a POLL, it is an appointment book. Choose 1 and only 1 day & time that no one else has chosen.
  3. You will receive an email confirming your choice.
  4. Call 1 866-512-0904 + Passcode (You will receive your passcode in the confirmation email)

During certification, you will demonstrate your skills with a standardized patient (trained to play a patient role).  Be ready to demonstrate the three questions and five skills of Brief Action Planning: Behavioral Menu, SMART planning, Eliciting a Commitment Statement, Problem-solving for low confidence, and Follow up. To change or cancel your certification appointment please locate the confirmation email you received in your inbox and respond to the sender with instructions to cancel or alter your scheduling. We require 48 hours notice for all alterations.

Contact us for information about the certification fee

Guide: BAP Guide   Flow Chart: BAP Flow Chart Skills Checklist: BAP Skills Checklist


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