CCMI offers a number of Training and Collaborating opportunities to suit the needs of individuals, health care teams and organizations.

What we offer | Who we work with

We have developed programs that range from 1 hour exposures to two and a half day train the trainer workshops to help build knowledge and capacity within your team or organization.  Our courses are available online, face to face and over the phone.  Our training sessions pay particular attention to sustainability and practice support measures.    Our goal is to work with you to develop a training program that fits your needs and expectations.  In addition to skill training, CCMI also works with partners to help them in material redesign and generating content for their own training areas.

Explore our content areas, listed below, to see how your organization can join us for future workshops and training opportunities.

Brief Action Planning Self Management Support Patient Centred Care
Motivational Interviewing Health Literacy Brief Interventions


What we offer:

For Individuals

•Web-based training, coaching and certification in Brief Action Planning

•Face-to-face training in patient-centered skills including cultural humility, health literacy, patient activation, Brief Action Planning, Shared Decision Making, Patient engagement (Activation), Motivational Interviewing, care management and group medical visits.

•Those certified in Brief Action Planning join an international community of practice with ongoing access to webinars, office hours and a newsletter geared to people interested in healthy behaviour change

For Health Care Teams

•Training and coaching the entire team to proficiency in patient-centered approaches

•Web-based training or face-to-face training and coaching in Brief Action Planning

•Certification in Brief Action Planning

•Face-to-face training and coaching in patient-centered skills including cultural humility, health literacy, patient activation, shared decision making, patient engagement, motivational interviewing, care management and group  medical visits.

•Expertise in building skills into everyday practice.

For Organizations

•Create expertise in your organization to offer training, coaching and certification in patient centered approaches. Train-the-trainer programs are available for Brief Action Planning and Patient-centered Care

•Provide expertise in evaluation and improvement of relationships between people and health care team members

•Coach system redesign needed to support health behavioral change

Who we work with:

Some of our clients include:

Northern Health Authority, BC: person-centred family-focused care training workshops for inter-professional teams, web-based training and organizational agreement for face-to-face training, coaching and certification in Brief Action Planning

Ministry of Health, BC with ImpactBC: creating a sustainable approach to Brief Action Planning in British Columbia, working with five regional health authorities in a Train-the-Trainer program

Ministry of Health, BC with Specialist Services Committee through Doctors of BC: innovation lab to develop approach for Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for Specialist Physician Practices.

California Quality Collaborative, Partnering with Patients:  Motivational Interviewing, Brief Action Planning and Shared Decision Making, a 2 year effort to build capacity in support of primary care, includes Train-the-Trainer Program Link

Methodist Medical Center, IL primary care, community and pediatrics targeting obesity prevention. Train trainers, standardized patients and coders for research project.

PhD research support Brief Action Planning included in research by doctoral candidate studying peer support and training for spinal cord injury, Ontario, Canada

The BETTER 2 Study for Prevention in Primary Care: Brief Action Planning for Prevention Practitioners (study interventionists) across Canada

First Nations Health Authority, BC: Stepped-care Self-management Support and Brief Action Planning

San Mateo County, CA  Total Wellness Project: training professionals and peers of a county mental health system in Brief Action Planning



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