BAP Train the Trainer

Train your own staff to deliver BAP training sessions.

CCMI is pleased to offer a BAP Train the Trainer (TTT) workshops for those organizations interested in have staff certified as trainers in Brief Action Planning (BAP). Workshops are:

  • 2.5 days long
  • a mix of didactic, video, interactive, practice and group feedback sessions.
  • designed to train workshop participants to be proficient in teaching healthcare professionals the skills involved in BAP
  • one Master Trainer assigned to every 12 trainees.

After the workshop:

  • CCMI works with the trainees, and their organizations, as they schedule trainings with clinic colleagues to teach them Brief Action Planning with patients.
  • CCMI will review agendas, presentation materials and evaluations of the trainings to ensure trainer fidelity to the model.

Once the trainee has completed a successful training, they are certified as BAP Trainers.

In order to attend a Train-the-Trainer workshop each individual must complete their own training and achieve certification in BAP.

Training in BAP involves either online or face-to-face training in Brief Action Planning, practice and a final exam with standardized patients, coded for fidelity to BAP principles; all provided through CCMI.  Successful completion of the training and demonstration of the necessary skills during the final exam will result in achieving Certification in BAP.

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This level of training is for organizations who want an “in-house” model for ongoing BAP skill development.  Having BAP trainers within the organization encourages ongoing skills refinement as well as capacity to train new hires.

What are the specific learning objectives for the training?

The TTT helps proficient BAP practitioners gain the skills and confidence to teach BAP to others. Trainees are taught by CCMI Master Trainers to be successful in explaining key content to a variety of adult learners and to help trainees overcome barriers to BAP implementation.  Demonstration of skills and integration of feedback from peers and CCMI Trainers are key component to this training.

1)     Demonstrate practice and feedback examples

2)     Demonstrate teaching BAP

3)     Identify learner centered goals and objectives

4)     Define stepped care and self management support

5)     Locate and utilize the materials used in teaching BAP

To complete BAP Trainer training, trainees submit their training plan, conduct a training, conduct an evaluation, and review their evaluation.

How is staff trained?

CCMI will conduct a 2.5-day, face-to-face workshop with participating trainer trainees focusing on teaching BAP and the principles of adult education on which CCMI’s education programs are founded.  CCMI will work with trainer candidates, monitoring and reviewing their progress, providing practice and feedback opportunities and certifying them to become BAP trainers.  After the training sessions and trainer certification process, CCMI will support trainers and with quarterly newsletters and webinars focused specifically on the trainer Community of Practice.  Trainer sessions are limited to 12 trainees per instructor.

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