About Us

The Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation (CCMI) provides training and resources for healthcare practitioners dedicated to collaborative health care plans through a stepped–approach to care.


Our goal is to provide inspiration, training, coaching and assistance redesigning care systems to support engagement in care.  This includes working across cultures, improving understanding of healthcare information, taking an active role in health, supporting healthy behavior change, motivational interviewing, effective care management, group medical visits and accessing expert methods when needed.

CCMI was founded in April 2012 as a non-profit organization in Canada.  In January 2014 CCMI became incorporated as a non-profit in the US.  We are guided by a board of volunteers who are passionate about helping people to make constructive behavioural changes.  We work with patients, the public, peers, health care professionals, organizations and systems to learn, test and implement practices that help patients with their own self-management. Self-management refers to the daily decisions we all make that influence how healthy we are.

The figure above, published by the Health Council of Canada, 2012, is a comprehensive view of what can be done to support the health of individuals and communities.  The first step is having a active culture of health literate individuals that support each other.  The second step in this models involves resources that provide support for  behavioral change.  These resources are things that help people to make realistic changes in their lives through activities like goal setting, action planning, problem solving and follow ups.  The third and fourth steps in this pathway to health incorporate advanced approaches to care and expert methods.  Patients only need take as many steps up the pyramid as are required for their own care.

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